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Happi Abstract Name Stamp - Pastel

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Introducing our Best Selling Happi Abstract Name Stamp – the fastest & easiest way to label your kids' clothes for daycare and school. As easy as 1, 2, 3. No more handwriting or sewing! Happi Name Stamp is the best alternative way to label your kid's clothes. Hold the name stamp and press it down for one second and that's how it's done. It is super quick and easy to use. The name stamp creates up to 1000 imprints, lasting 50 washes for black ink or 20 washes for white ink. If imprinting fades, just stamp it again! Order your Happi Abstract Name Stamp today and make labeling a breeze!


  • Loaded with non toxic black or white fabric ink 
  • up to 1000 imprints
  • imprint will be visible for up to 50 cold washes
  • re-inkable
  • quick & easy to use


  • Back to school essential
  • Take less time on labeling clothes
  • Save money on replacing children's lost items 
  • Clothes can be easily identified

Our name stamp can be used on paper and any tighly woven fabric, such as cotton, linen, denim and polyester blend. It also works well on school uniforms. Synthetic fabric and fluffy fabric are not recommended. 

Whether it’s for childcare, nursing home, school, camp, or for your whole family. It's a must have item in your household.

FREE GIFT: 20cm iron on tape will come with any purchase of black ink name stamp for using on thin clothing. 

Imprint size: 
38mm x 14mm
Max number of lines:
2 lines
Max number of characters:
11 characters per line + 1 icon
Font: Uppercase and lowercase

Imprint size: 
38mm x 14mm
Max number of line/s:
2 lines
Max number of characters:

7 characters per line + 1 icon 

11 characters per line + no icon





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Customer Reviews

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White ink fades into fabric after 24 hours

I was excited to have a white ink stamp for my kids darker clothes, but the white ink is gone after a day. And whatever is left goes away after one wash. This is happening repeatedly with all different fabrics. For the price, I would think this would work better.

Hi Kate, thanks for your feedback.

I would like to explain few things about using our white ink stamps.

Firstly, our white ink stamps work best on the clothes which have a high contrast to white ink, which means any colors that are close to the black color will work better, the imprints will be more visible.

Secondly, our fabric ink is formulated to be used on any tightly woven fabric, such as cotton, linen, denim and polyester blend. Synthetic fabric and fluffy fabric are not recommended.

Lastly, heat-setting is a crucial step to keep the white imprint staying on the dark clothing. Without this step, the white imprint will be washed away after one wash.

The best alternative way to do the heat-setting will be using a hair straightner, it will still do the work like an iron does.

Hope these tips help. If you have further enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Thank you.